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Excadrill :: Transformation :iconlornext:Lornext 48 5
Mature content
Nestor notabilis :iconmrtboy:mrtboy 48 2
Just plain nutty :icontherecurrent:TheRecurrent 64 5 Random TF #26- Riolu :iconthwill:Thwill 72 29
The New Totem Pokemon (Lurantis TF)
      Derek looks out into the Lush Jungle. It’s rather early in the morning, and there is still night dew dripping off of the leaves. Although shade obscures the sunlight from reaching the ground, the forest is still bright and beaming with life. Pokemon scurry across the forest floor and through the tall grass. This is where the island challenge is, where the totem Pokemon lives. The guardian of the jungle, keeping it alive and well. The jungle is warm but not too humid, the perfect weather for all of the grass and bug type Pokemon living in there. The air is nice and pure, untouched by pollution. The paths are covered by moss but still visible.
      Derek stares into the forest, determined to find and catch, or at least meet the totem Pokemon. He grins and looks at the large pillars that make the entrance to the jungle. He takes his first step into the Lush Jungle and then his second, followed by his third and so on.
Derek brushes his black hair
:iconelgusar-wolf:Elgusar-Wolf 13 13
Mature content
Harpies :iconpyroenigma:pyroenigma 33 0
Poisonous Vapor (Salazzle TF/TG)
Samuel unlocked the door to his small house, his tie loose around his neck as he stepped inside, locking the door behind him. What a long day at the office. Somewhat stressful, with a bunch loaded off onto him as he scratched the side of his face, throwing his coat onto the lounge in his living room before heading straight to his bedroom. But he was sure to have something to take the edge off. A little something to just make him relax and mellow out a bit, give him a bit of space before he began to work on the paperwork.
He flicked on the light to his bedroom, looking around at the plain, white walls and the darkened window, taking a moment to fall onto his bed in the corner of the small bedroom. It was a small house, with all the right living necessities with a small enough rent to live on by. There were a few glaring problems; the lack of a large, backdoor area, the obvious age the place had and how everything broke down every now and again. He didn’t try to let it bother him t
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 24 7
Mature content
Physical Reinvention :iconerncer:ErnCer 19 2
Mature content
Becoming Judy Hopps (Kyo) :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 316 22
Ash's Lucario TF :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 108 19 Unexpected Results - ANIMATED :icontherecurrent:TheRecurrent 44 1 Katy's New Pet Cat (Kyo) :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 62 10 Hydreigon :: Transformation :iconlornext:Lornext 118 20
A Friend in Need (Rockruff TF)
      Gabe walks up to his friend’s, Chris, house. He wipes off some of the sweat forming on his brow. It’s the middle of summer and at least 39 degrees celsius. Chris is dealing with the loss of his partner and friend, his beloved Nidorino. Chris’ Nidorino passed away of a sickness a few days ago, and Gabe wanted to come over to his friend’s house to try to cheer Chris up, or at least comfort him. Gabe takes a deep breath, knowing that the environment inside might not be too pleasant. He knocks on the door and waits for an answer. After a few minutes of waiting and no answer, Gabe just tries the door. It’s open.
      Gabe walks into Chris’ house and looks around. It’s still surprisingly neat for a grieving person, but Chris had always been a clean freak. His house is only one story and the front door opens to the living room. Gabe looks over and sees Chris asleep on his couch. The couch is a nice velvety red and
:iconelgusar-wolf:Elgusar-Wolf 14 11
:COM: Umbreon tf for Tivadu :iconfauvfox:FauvFox 111 18 COM - Watch where you fall :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 79 8


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